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About Us

V888 Operations

  • V888 Operations is Vancouver’s well-known experienced management company.

  • Running to build a modernist management company that covers a number of industries, we put people at first and create innovative management ideologies.

  • With a global perspective, our company centers for business in Vancouver, Canada, spread over the whole North America region and discovers business opportunities in Mainland China.

  • Since the establishment of our company, we have been dedicating ourselves to property management and the expansion of the industrial chain, and now, we have formed a set of the professional management model.

  • Observing and researching all levels of the market, our company has built a strong partnership network, and we utilize an optimal management strategy to satisfy requirements across different industries and provide a management plan for each company.

  • Because of our pursuit of excellence and our top-notch customer service quality, we have won the trust and positive feedbacks from our cooperating partners; especially for Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza, it has become millennials’ choice of favorite pizza brand under our company’s business planning and scientific management.

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